The Right Age For Sex And Factors Leading To A Sexless Marriage

passionate-woman_0Sex is a very interesting topic for both teens and adults. People of all ages will always have something to contribute when it comes to sex, and marriages even fail due to it. No matter how much everyone seems to know, one of the most discussed topics under sex is the age at which one should be ready for it.

Although there is the legal age that varies from one state to another and country to the next one, many teens get involved earlier than this age. Does that make it right? Definitely not. Close to 50% of teens aged between 15 and 19 have had sex at least once although the median age for many young adults is at about 17. This does not really mean that 17 is the ideal age. That said, one must ensure that they are first of legal age then they can have sex with their partner of choice provided they are not being pushed into it. If you feel you are ready, then it is time.

Sexless Marriages

Despite people’s obsession with sex, there are many couples out there who get tired or lose interest in sex. This lack of interest is brought about by some of the factors discussed below:


Couples who are stressed by issues either at home or work find it very difficult to have sex. When you are stressed, sex heightens the pressure, and many people feel that they would certainly fail and thus avoid having it at all. After some time, people find it hard to go back to their previous lifestyles even if the stress is gone and opt to continue living without the sex.

Sexual Dysfunction

This is especially worse for men. Men suffering from erectile dysfunction lose their confidence in bed and will give any excuse to avoid sex. Even if it may have been a temporary situation, such men go into an anxiety loop fearing that it might happen again when they try to have sex. As a result, their only refuge is doing away with sex and their partners are forced to accept the situation as it is.

Not Liking Your Body

Adults who are not confident with their bodies will do anything to avoid being seen naked by their partners. This means that sex is also withdrawn from the table. This applies to both men and women and more so those who are overweight. Such individuals have a mental fixation on how one must look like to have sex, and since they feel their bodies are not up to standard, they shun it.

Sex may be one of the most important pillars of a successful marriage but at times couples have to live without it for a very long time. Regardless of the reason for your sexless marriage, there is always a way to talk about it and see if you can reignite the romance.

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